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  2. Write down the last things you did immediately before the disaster. Try to remember as much as you can and be as detailed as possible. Include any information from any error messages you can remember. 
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Internet Privacy In A Time of No Privacy

Since browsing habits are now up for sale, we at Core are recommending that you keep yourself safe, secure, and free from tracking by using a VPN. VPN is the acronym for a Virtual Private Network. A VPN is a safe and encrypted network. VPN client software on your computer or smartphone connects you to the secure network. So long as that's active, all that you do on the internet is private. Your shopping habits are safe and, so, you have no information for the ISP to sell. Here's what it looks like:

Image from PIA

After much research, we are recommending that our clients use Private Internet Access for their VPN needs. They have servers all over the world and, most importantly, they do NOT share their logs with anyone. Their mission is complete privacy.

You can sign up here: and then give us a call if you need assistance getting it set up. It's really pretty painless and PIA's walkthroughs are helpful.

Protect yourselves and your families' privacy.